Grandma’s 80th Birthday in Perth, Scotland

It’s my mum’s 80th birthday this Friday. She’s very fit and flies around on her bike a lot (far too fast, I might add). So we’re having a family barbeque for her on Friday. She has four children and 13 grandchildren, so it’s quite a party when we’re all together.

The next day I have a madly busy changeover day with our holiday lodges, so I musn’t have too much of a hangover. As well as all this going on, I am flying to Carcassonne on Sunday morning, from Prestwick (yawn), so 4am start. Today as I was  checking in online with good old Ryan Air, I had just entered all the details for myself and my 4 children, when I got to my husband’s passport I noticed that it had expired in March. Naturally I almost expired too. He has an appointment in Glasgow on Thursday – the same day we are supposed to be moving our daughter out of her flat in Edinburgh ( a massive job let me tell you), and also on the same day that our son has an interview at Gleneagles

Cycling around Loch Leven, Fife, Scotland

A well earned glass of champers after cycling 8 miles around Loch Leven

Hotel at 9am. What is it like to be bored?? 

So here’s a pic of the birthday girl last year. What a woman!!


About riveredgelodges

I run self-catering holiday lodges right beside the River Earn, near Perth, the gateway to the Scottish Highlands
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