Climbing Snowdon

Phew! What a week it’s been. A lot of the Saturday-Saturday bookings have given way to short breaks, which means lots of changeovers on any day of the week. But John and I managed to slope off for a few days to Snowdonia to meet our climbing buddies Richard and Cathy. We’ve done Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike together, so Snowdon was next on our list. We picked a fabulous week to go. We stayed at the Swallow Falls Hotel which was perfect for our needs – a few miles from Pen Y Pass and the start of the climb.

Swallow Falls Hotel the night before climbing Snowdon

The 'before' picture

The morning of the walk was bright and sunny. We had a huge breakfast; mine was big enough to feed a small country. Then off we set. We decided to go up by the Pyg Track, rather than by Crib Goch, as 3 of our party would have gone hysterical up there on the ridge. We had a fantastic climb, brilliant views, astonishingly hot and sunny weather. We got to the summit just as the train was pulling in and the passengers tottered off in their high heels. And then the women got off.

Anway, we had a breather at the top, then John decided he wanted to return by Crib Goch, mainly because he’s such a big show-off. He has a video of the ridge which I’ll post another time.

Heading down from Snowdon towards the Miners Track

So here’s a pic of Rich and Cathy taking a breather on the way back down Snowdon, heading towards the Miners Track. We waved to John up on the ridge, but could only see ants up there. We had a paddle in the tarn you can see in the photo. We were a bit tired by now and a cold beer was calling – louder with every minute, so we practically jogged back to the car, but stopped to have one final look back at the amazing mountain that is Snowdon.


a final glimpse of Snowdon as we head back to Pen y Pass and the car

I think Snowdon has been my favourite. I loved Snowdonia; to me it was like a small slice of Scotland.

Enough romanticism. While all this was happening I was getting to grips with my new phone – a snazzy Samsung Galaxy S I9000, which is so complicated. I’m only just starting to realise that this phone can do anything. I’m sure there’s an app there for making dinner, picking up trainers, boxers, etc. if there’s not, there flippin well should be for the price I’m paying. I must say Orange have been wonderful. Lee Anne in the Orange shop in Perth was brilliant. Emma in Customer Service was also brilliant, and so was the nice Geordie man who’s name I cannot remember. There was a fault with my hand set (which is why I couldn’t work it obviously, not because I’m a thick technophobe), and a new one was delivered less than 24 hours later and the old one scooped up just like in Aladdin. So I’m off to the Orange shop to see Lee Anne again tomorrow, bright and early because she’s going to give me a wee tutorial on how to use my lovely shiny new phone.

Well I feel this blog is long enough, yet I still haven’t told you about my lovely night out with old volleyball friends last Saturday. Well, they’re not old, acutually. Well, that’s a lie – some of them are. We went to The Baiglie Inn, it was really nice. My phone rang, and embarrassingly I did not know how to answer it! Can you believe that a woman with a First Class Honours Degree in Philosophy from St Andrews University could not answer her bloody phone??? I pressed the bit that said “answer” but nothing happened. Later my 13 year old showed me that you don’t press “answer”, but you slide along the button. For goodness sake – that’s just complicating things.

We had a busy changeover day on the Saturday, and I still haven’t told you about 2 fantastic new cleaning women (they might prefer the term “ladies”, but I prefer the term “women” and it’s my blog, awright?), Valentina and Claire. They’re amazing. I’ll save all this for later. Eyes are closing, phone making funny noises, no idea why … hasta luego


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