Blue Monday, so I’m having wine

Holy Moly what a day. I know it’s a school night, but I am in need of sustenance and neither tea nor Barley Cup can cut it. It has to be red and full-bodied (no not me after a visit to the gym, but a bottle of preferably French, vin rouge).

First of all Jake and John headed off to Edinburgh to buy Jake’s flight to Australia, at the very efficient STA office. I opened Reception at 9am and waited for the departures to depart, then Marjory and Ellen )my mum) got stuck in to the cleaning.

All was going well, then I had a telephone meeting with Jade from SuperControl, a specialist company that deals with online booking systems and online payment systems. I’m in the process of setting up such a system and there’s a plethora of stuff to do behind the scenes before it goes live. I locked myself in the office and locked the house up next door (so my dad wouldn’t ‘pop in’ to see me in the middle of the phone call). The phone rang at the appointed time, 2pm, and I realised that the phone was in the house, which I was locked out of. Frantically I unlocked myself from the office, and unlocked the house front door and made a grab for the phone before it went to answer-mode. Do you know what? It was a recorded message saying I ought to make a Will before i die!! Well I nearly expired on the spot and resisted the urge to throw the flippin’ phone in le poubelle. I retrieved the phone, locked the house again, locked myself in the office again and waited for SuperControl to phone.  So Jade and I were on the blower for an hour. Then I suddenly realised I’d promised to collect child 4, Alannah and 2 friends, from school to take them to Rodney Fitness Centre for a gym induction.

But I had arrivals arriving (to replace the departures who had departed, are you with me?) and I couldn’t leave the office, and John and Jake were not yet back from Edinburgh. What to do??? While I was pondering, an arrival arrived. A lovely family from South Africa. They came back up to Reception a few minutes after I gave them the key. Oh no, is there a problem? No, but they didn’t have towels, could I provide some? Yes I jolly well could, but not right at that moment. I explained that I had to close Reception earlier than it said on the office door (bad office person that I am), to collect kids.

Collected the kids – late. Alannah, as I knew she would, phoned me when I was one minute late. I drove like Stirling Moss (ask your parents) and screeched to a halt a millithou away from the kerb. In the girls hopped and off I took again. For some reason, I forgot where I was going and drove the well-trodden/driven path to Bells Sports Centre. This is because I spend half of my life there. Running late now, I drove like a maniac to Rodney Fitness Centre, dropped the girls, then back to River Edge Lodges to re-0pen Reception.

Phew! Once back the phone rang. It was a yet-t0-arrive arrival, travelling from Australia. He was lost. My directions were obviously rubbish, and he’d been driving around the Bridge of Earn area for an hour. I gave him less mary-type directions this time and said I’d be waiting for him at the door.

Meanwhile, the lovely Trepte family in lodge number 1 asked to use the computer in the office to make a complaint to Flybe about excess charges for baggage (and they were excessive too).  Just an aside about the Trepte Family. They’ve been coming to River Edge Lodges for years. Mrs Trepte won a competition at Coleman’s Mustard (made in Norwich), and was a bit of a celebrity. Every year she brings a jar of Savora Mustard, that can only be bought at the the Colemans visitor centre gift shop. This year I received gorgeous dark chocolate with …. mustard in it! Sounds odd, tastes amazing. Anyway, I had to hang around in case My Man arrived, and I’d promised to be waiting.  As I was loitering by the door, the nice South African family drove past and asked if I had their towels yet. Oh bum, I’d forgotten all about the towels, and even if I hadn’t, I couldn’t really leave Reception to get them. So I promised that the next time they came to the office I would have their towels ready. 40 minutes later, and Mr O’Reilly finally arrived. Oh I felt sorry for him. But he’s all settled in now, and the Treptes got their problem resolved so all was good. The SA’s got their towels.

Now, time to get back to work on some of that SuperControl stuff we’d gone over in the phone meeting. But no, Alannah phoned and I had to go and collect her from Perth. Where the heck was John??? How long did it take to buy a ticket, for goodness sake?

Sometimes I think I should just get a job in a bank – like a normal person.

Got Alannah back, John and Jake back, Jake is off to futsal. John has just handed me a large glass of chilled white wine. Ok it’s not red, but any port in a storm. I’ll take it!


About riveredgelodges

I run self-catering holiday lodges right beside the River Earn, near Perth, the gateway to the Scottish Highlands
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