Autumn Gold in Perthshire

It’s a horrible day today, yet only yesterday it was a perfect Autumn day – bright and sunny. So John and I decided to stride out for a brisk walk. Shannon, our eldest, went to Australia a fortnight ago (sob) so she couldn’t come with us (not that she would have anyway!). Jake was working at Gleeagles Hotel, putting his back into cleaning rooms. Iona was working at the lovely Brig Farm Shop Cafe, as she does every Sunday. And Alannah, the very child that would have come with us, was at a sleepover. So off we went.

Autumn Gold, Moncreiffe Hill and Woods, Woodland Trust

Approaching Moncreiffe Hill and Woods

It was so nice to be in the woods, and every so often the gaps in the trees allowed stunning views of the countryside. It’s funny, I can see Moncreiffe Hill from my office window. I’m looking at it now (watch out for typos, Mary), yet I never tire of the view from here, or the view from the top, or the views on the way up.  Unfortunately a bit further on we realised that there had been some tree felling going on (that reminds me of the awful joke about tree fellers wanted for a job, but Paddy and Mick didn’t apply as there were only two of them!! Terrible I know, but I’m allowed to tell it, being half Irish an’ all). And the ground was churned up along “my” path, what a cheek. So it was very muddy in parts. Normally I sit at the top looking down over Bridge of Earn, and across to Abernethy, and further towards the Lomonds. But today we sat on the other side and admired the clear views across to Dundee and the Tay Bridge.

view from the top of Moncreiff Hill, Bridge of Earn, Near Perth, looking towards Dundee

A fantastic view from the top of Moncreiffe Hill, Look at that sky

As we savoured the lovely views all around us, it felt like we could reach out and touch Kinnoull Hill.

Autumn Gold of Kinnoull Hill, Perth seen from the top of Moncreiffe Hill, Bridge of Earn, Perthshire

Looking across to Kinnoull Hill from the top of Moncreiffe Hill

Well ok, you’d have to have pretty long arms, but you know what I mean.

And now after today’s storm we’ll be lucky to have any leaves left on the trees.


About riveredgelodges

I run self-catering holiday lodges right beside the River Earn, near Perth, the gateway to the Scottish Highlands
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