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Geocaching Fun Near Perth

It was a lovely sunny day in Bridge of Earn so we decided to look for another geocache near River Edge Lodges. Actually there are loads of them around here, and as i like to get out of the office for a daily constitutional, what better excuse did I need?

I decided to pressurise other half and child number 3 to come with me. We were looking for the Lost Souls geocache.

walking and geocaching in Bridge of Earn near Perth

We had a very pleasant walk through Dunbarney Estate on the outskirts of Bridge of Earn. The Lost Souls cache was in such a peaceful resting place cough cough, not to give too many clues away. Actually this small sacred place used to be the Dunbarney Parish Cemetry. It’s full of very old gravestones with carvings that reveal the various trades of the people who are buried here.

Lost Souls geocache on dunbarney Estate in Bridge of Earn, near Perth

In this picture, I think the excitement of finding a new cache is tangible! It took us 14 seconds to discover what was in the box. We took nothing and left nothing – mainly because we forgot to bring anything to put in the box. Actually, I just told a lie; we did take something. We found a hairy centipede in the box and we released him back into the wild.

Roll on our next geocaching adventure. where will it be? Watch this space – it could be Schiehallion or Moncreiffe Hill. We were in Rome recently and looked for the geocache on the Spanish Steps – but alas it had stepped away. We didn’t find it. But we consoled ourselves with a bottle of Frascati, so we weren’t too upset.

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Geocaching in Perthshire

Having learnt a bit about Geocaching from Paul McLennan (Perth and Kinross Council), we decided to get out there and learn more about it on the ground as it were.

Coincidentally, John received a GPS for his birthday this month and a brand new Rab jacket. he was keen to try out both, so off we went on our first Geocaching adventure.


Here’s a picture of the Garmin etrex 10 GPS. In my excitement to show you, the picture is on its side. No matter, you get the drift. It’s a very handy wee tool – apparently basic and simple to use. I say ‘apparently’ because it has so many functions and it’s not that simple to use initially. Undeterred we set off on our adventure. Well, it was only Bridge of Earn, but we discovered thare are a whole clutch of caches to be found in our own little village.

Now i don’t want to give too much away and spoil it for future Geocachers, but can you imagine how delighted we were to find our first cache? Hopping up and down, and elbowing each other out of the way in order to be the first one to open the cache? My daugher was with us but quickly lost interest when she found out there was a) no money or indeed anything of any value in the cache or b) nothing edible in the cache. So what – it’s like a Munro-bagging operation in terms of the ticking off the box feeling you get.


Here’s John with pride and a sense of achievement holing aloft our very first cache. this one was found on the other side of the river from our house. As a bonus, he is also wearing his new jacket, which was necessary later on during the rain and hail storm.

We then found another 2 caches (not telling you exactly where) around and about Dunbarney Estate.

Geocaching is a fast growing activity for all ages and levels of fitness. There are thousands of caches in Perthshire alone. Some of them are difficult to get to physically, some of them are easy for wheelchair users or cyclists, or even motorists. Others have a difficult clue to solve. You have to write in the logbook of the cache itself when you find it. You can take something out of the box but you must put something back of equal or greater value. Then you go home and go online to the geocaching website and log your finds. Simple!! Lots of caches are in an area of outstanding beauty, or are placed in a significant place such as the site of a little known battle. Wherever they are, it gets you outside enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful Scottish countryside. However, don’t stop at Scotland – geocachers are all over the world, and caches are hidden all over the world too. so come and join the party.

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Garmin etrex 10 GPS

Garmin etrex 10 GPS

Garmin etrex 10 GPS

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Loch Katrine and The elie Chain Walk

We had a great day out at Loch Katrine in early August – a very scenic drive West for half an hour or so. We hired bikes from Katrinewheelz and spent a lovely afternoon cycling around the beautiful loch.

Bikes from Katrinewheelz

Cycling around Loch Katrine

We had a picnic, and we waved to the passengers on board the Steamship Sir Walter Scott and the Lady of the Lake. It got so hot that we had to go for a swim. Some of us only dared to paddle.

Loch Katrine

Colling off in Loch Katrine

It was such a beautiful place to be that day: we had sunshine, friends, family, bikes, food – how close to heaven can you get?

Tranquil Loch Katrine

Enjoying a swim at Loch Katrine

Of course you don’t have to cycle; there were plenty of walkers and general lollers abouters – whatever you want to do.

Next day we went East to do the Elie Chain Walk. It’s on the Fife Coastal Path, which is a 96 mile picturesque route from Queensferry to the Tay Bridge.  Actually the chain walk is just off the path. It’s quite challenging but great fun. For those who don’t want to do the actual chain walk, there’s the cliff top path which runs parallel.

Elie Chain Walk

A downward section on the Elie Chain Walk

The chain walk is part climb, part scramble over the cliffs. If you like you can always go back the way you came. We didn’t – we met our friends up on the cliff top path and walked back together for a well deserved beer.

Fife Coastal Path, Elie

Part of the Fife Coastal Path at Elie

The cahin walk took us an hour or so. It can take longer if you want to explore the caves on the way, or paddle in the rock pools.
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Happy Christmas Wishes

After Poor old Gruff died last Winter, Gus was lost without him. So we got two little Pygmy goats to keep him company in early spring. They’re so cute. Gus was shivering with cold earlier this month and was off his food, so John bought him a dapper tartan jacket. Now he’s much happier and eating normally.

The recent cold weather caused a few burst pipes and three showers had to be replaced as the ice had completely damaged the fittings. John had to sort that lot out. Then he had to hire a JCB to clear the snow from the lane here and from the lodges, so it was piled up in huge mountains.

Goat with a coat and the 2 Pygmy goats

Gus and the Pygmy goats keeping warm

We now have an online booking system, so you can select dates, book and pay online (this is for 6 of our lodges only). Of course if you’d rather talk to me, I’d be delighted to help you out too. The VAT increase won’t affect you at all (only me … moan, groan), as our prices were set well before we knew about an increase in VAT.

We were very busy this year at Easter, Summer, and October. We’ve taken quite a few bookings for Easter 2011, and our Summer weeks are filling up nicely. The ‘Staycation’ promises to be in fashion for some time to come.

We’re busy for New Year as usual, but we still have some availability for Christmas.  The pistes at Glenshee and  Aviemore are fabulous already.  So for all you Winter visitors: bring your salopettes.

Freezing December Icicles

Freezing December Icicles

Become a Face Book friend of River Edge Lodges. You can receive snippets of news from us, or you can share your photos with other Face Book friends of River Edge Lodges. If you have any video footage of River Edge Lodges, put it on You Tube, then post it on our face book page. You can also follow us on twitter (my twitter name is @mairziedotes).  I also have a Blog now (River Edge Lodges Blog) on WordPress. Occasionally something comes over me and I offer a discount which I post on twitter.

Bridge over the Earn, Perthshire

Bridge at Bridge of Earn, Perthshire


Hope you all have a Peaceful Christmas, and a wild New Year

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Autumn Gold in Perthshire

It’s a horrible day today, yet only yesterday it was a perfect Autumn day – bright and sunny. So John and I decided to stride out for a brisk walk. Shannon, our eldest, went to Australia a fortnight ago (sob) so she couldn’t come with us (not that she would have anyway!). Jake was working at Gleeagles Hotel, putting his back into cleaning rooms. Iona was working at the lovely Brig Farm Shop Cafe, as she does every Sunday. And Alannah, the very child that would have come with us, was at a sleepover. So off we went.

Autumn Gold, Moncreiffe Hill and Woods, Woodland Trust

Approaching Moncreiffe Hill and Woods

It was so nice to be in the woods, and every so often the gaps in the trees allowed stunning views of the countryside. It’s funny, I can see Moncreiffe Hill from my office window. I’m looking at it now (watch out for typos, Mary), yet I never tire of the view from here, or the view from the top, or the views on the way up.  Unfortunately a bit further on we realised that there had been some tree felling going on (that reminds me of the awful joke about tree fellers wanted for a job, but Paddy and Mick didn’t apply as there were only two of them!! Terrible I know, but I’m allowed to tell it, being half Irish an’ all). And the ground was churned up along “my” path, what a cheek. So it was very muddy in parts. Normally I sit at the top looking down over Bridge of Earn, and across to Abernethy, and further towards the Lomonds. But today we sat on the other side and admired the clear views across to Dundee and the Tay Bridge.

view from the top of Moncreiff Hill, Bridge of Earn, Near Perth, looking towards Dundee

A fantastic view from the top of Moncreiffe Hill, Look at that sky

As we savoured the lovely views all around us, it felt like we could reach out and touch Kinnoull Hill.

Autumn Gold of Kinnoull Hill, Perth seen from the top of Moncreiffe Hill, Bridge of Earn, Perthshire

Looking across to Kinnoull Hill from the top of Moncreiffe Hill

Well ok, you’d have to have pretty long arms, but you know what I mean.

And now after today’s storm we’ll be lucky to have any leaves left on the trees.

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